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Key Capabilities

PCP is an Australian-owned group of Information Technology companies providing services in the area of computer hardware, software, Internet, communications, systems integration, and specialist IT skills.

Preferred Computer Peripherals has been operating since 1987, supplying computer equipment, software and computer applications to commerce, industry and government.

Equipment & Software

PCP is an accredited dealer for a number of quality computer suppliers, which means that we are able to provide the most effective solution to our client's requirements. We partner with leading vendors including:

  • Acer
  • Cisco
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
  • Super Micro
  • Microsoft

    We have skills in the industry leading operating systems software, including Microsoft, Unix and Linux and the Internet.


    PCP has considerable experience in providing network solutions from hardware installations, such as cabling, switches, routers, and accessories, through to software network platforms such as Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, Server 2003 and 2008, Unix and Linux.

    Our skills and experience in planning and implementing TCP/IP systems enables us to advise clients on the most effective wide and local area networking solution.

    Through our sister company, PIP (Preferred Internet Provider) we can offer both Internet solutions and Internet services to enable organisations to make effective use of the world wide web for internal and external communications, e-commerce and e-business.

    Systems Integration

    By combining our skills and experience in the provision of equipment and software, with our networking and Internet skills we are able to deliver complete, "end to end" or integrated solutions to your business requirements.

    We provide, install, test and project manage the entire implementation to ensure our client's satisfaction and to minimise any impact on business operations.

    I.T. Services

    Organisations are more dependent than ever before on IT systems to enable them to run and grow their business. Disruption to the IT infrastructure means disruption to the business, dissatisfied clients and potential loss of revenue.

    Drawing on our core strengths, we are able to offer a range of technical services to help ensure the smooth operation of our clients. IT systems and networks. Services include:

  • IT infrastructure planning and design
  • Network and Internet solution planning and design
  • System and network installations
  • Software loading and commissioning
  • Capacity planning
  • Systems maintenance