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Preferred Computer Peripherals has been helping companies evolve with their IT solutions for nearly 23 years. Whether you are looking to purchase new computer hardware, implement a LAN or WAN, or looking for a complete hosted solution, PCP can assist you.

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Contact PCP today at or on 02 9488 7655.

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  • Network Configuration & Support
  • Computer Hardware & Software Sales
  • Server Management
  • Hosted Services
  • Routers and Networking Hardware Sales
  • Networking Services
  • Blackberry Sales
  • Mobile Phone Sales
  • Mobile to Computer Connectivity
  • Quality Customer Support
  • Backup Solutions

    For all the latest deals on Blackberry and other mobile phones, call PCP

  • PCP has recently partnered with Telstra in order to bring you great deals on Blackberries and other mobile phones.

    If you are after a phone plan, and also require the added flexability of email, GPS, internet access and office applications, contact PCP today.

    PCP are specialists in data storage. To find out more about SAN and disaster recovery solutions, contact us today.

    Our associated companies Preferred Internet Provider (PIP) and Preferred Hosting Services (Hosted Services) offer a range of other computer and IT solutions.

    PIP offers business grade ADSL broadband internet plans at very cost effective pricing. PIP also offers a range of hosting solutions from web and email hosting, to domain name registration, to computer virus protection and firewall services. PIP can also set up Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allowing you to work remotely.

    Hosted Services offers a completely hosted solution for your IT infrastructure. By moving your data and software from your computer hardware to our virtual servers, you are able to access and interact with your data regardless of your location. Hosted Services constantly monitor the Servers. Backups are taken at times requested by you.